Vodafone xone launches Floome, the smartphone breathalyzer

Floome is the first breathalyzer in Europe!

Floome measures the concentration of alcohol in the blood returning the result directly on your smartphone . It connects to your Android phone , iPhone and Windows Phone via standard audio jack , no need for batteries or to be recharged . Floome has a high quality design ‘ and and ‘ made entirely in Italy.

Dear client, the product is out of stock.


Floome is accurate
The device is equipped with the same sensor as the breathalyzers owner by police.

Floome knows you
Set your weight, gender, height and age. The app will calculate how long it takes your body to dispose of your BAC. In addition, the application will learn about your metabolism and will give you more personalized results.

Floome helps you
If your alcohol level is higher than the limit, you can call a taxi near you, contact your friends, and find places in your area to eat something, directly via the Floome App.

Powered by Vodafone Xone
The Vodafone xone team is proud to present Floome, an innovative product made by 2045Tech Srl, an Italian startup we believe in and that has become part of our acceleration program!

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy Floome?

Floome is available on Vodafone Stores.


How does Floome work?

Floome is smartphone connected device. Once the app is installed, you just need to create an account, to connect your Floome to the smartphone, and then to blow as indicated by the app, which will tell your BAC in a while


Which devices are compatible with Floome?

This version of Floome is compatible with every smartphone equipped with a standard audio jack polarity, i.e. CTIA, the standard one


Which Operative Systems are compatible with Floome?

Floome is compatible with every OS


Do I need to recharge it? How long does the Floome battery last?

You do not need to recharge Floome. Floome does not need either a battery or to be recharged


How accurate is Floome?

Floome is equipped with the same sensor as police’s breathalyzers and the new Vortex technology


How can I get support?

Do you have any question on the product? Write to xone.italia@mail.vodafone.it.
Need technical assistance (something is wrong)? Go to support.2045tech.com.